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Different Types Of Anchor Fasteners Used In Building And Structures

Anchor Fasteners

What are Anchor Fasteners

A heavy-duty fastener called an anchor Fastener is used to connect things to concrete. The anchor fasteners are hammered into the concrete itself, via the pole’s base.

How are Anchor Fasteners manufactured?

SS XM19 Anchor Fasteners must have a threaded end extending from the concrete, regardless of their configuration. Cut or rolled anchor fasteners are available. The Anchor Fasteners are created by an extrusion technique in which two dies displace the steel to form rolled threads.

Different types of Anchor Fasteners used in building and structures

Clamping anchors

An open conical body, a pair of plastic wedges, and a flexible bail with an insulating thimble make up these anchoring clamps. When the bail is passed through the pole bracket, it can be latched onto the clamp body and re-opened by hand at any moment when the clamp is not fully loaded.

Concrete wedge anchors

Materials and equipment are anchored and secured to solid concrete masonry surfaces using Concrete Wedge Anchors. It is not advised that they be utilized in other masonry materials.

Anchor rods

Anchor rods are threaded fasteners that are embedded in concrete foundations to support light poles, traffic signal poles, structural steel columns, highway sign structures, steel towers, industrial equipment, and a variety of other buildings.

Screw anchors

Screw anchors are inserts made of plastic, metal, or fiber that allow screws to be inserted into fragile materials like masonry or drywall.

Under anchors

Ground anchors, also known as earth anchors, are multifunctional devices that are used to permanently or temporarily hold, constrain, and support buildings, engineered slopes, and other structures.

Sleeve anchors

Door frames are also attached to concrete, brick, or mortar walls using a sort of Sleeve anchor. For this type of application, sleeve anchors are typically employed. The Sleeve secures the door frames to the building’s framework or the doorway’s thresholds.