Bimetallic Lugs

What are Bimetallic Lugs?
Bimetallic Lugs are electrical connectors that are made from two different metals. Bimetallic Lugs are typically used in applications requiring electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. They are also used in the production of various tools and machines.

Bi Metallic Cable Lugs and Bimetallic Bars are widely used in electrical applications. They are used to connect different cables at one point and maintain the electrical flow in the circuit. They are durable and long lasting. They are also used at industrial sites, in commercial buildings, and at repairing labs.

The joint is friction welded to produce a safe and reliable connection. In addition, Bi-Metallic Lugs are filled with oxide inhibitors that seal against dust and humidity. This prevents oxidation of the exposed surface. They are also resistant to galvanic action.

Bimetallic lugs are designed to ensure the connection is durable and long lasting. They are used to connect aluminum cables to copper bus bars to prevent galvanic action due to dissimilar contact. These lugs are also used to connect two cables in a single joint to reduce contact resistance and corrosion. These lugs can be used for grounding wires occasionally. The capacity and weight of these lugs vary from 30 grams to 800 grams.

Bimetal lugs are made with different materials, but they all perform the same function. They create a durable connection between two cables and reduce the conductors' corrosion. The lug is made with copper and aluminum using friction welding technology.

The lug is crimped to ensure a strong connection between the two cables. It is important to use the right tool when crimping. The tool can be a hammer or a screwdriver, and it is also important to ensure that the lug is crimped accurately. This could result in a short circuit. It is also important to use a bimetal lug appropriate for the type of conductor you are connecting. The diameter of the conductor should match the lug so that it is easy to crimp. The barrel of a bimetal lug is designed to resist temperatures up to 120 degC. The lug is also resistant to corrosion and weathering.

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Bimetallic Cable Lugs

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Bimetallic consists of two different metals, but they differ from alloys as a mixture of metals is not used in bimetallic. Instead, there are two distinct layers of metal, each with a defiantly different thermal expansion property, and each expanding at a varying temperature when heated.

Bi Metal Cable Lugs are used to connect aluminum and copper, preventing corrosion and eventually making the connections less reliable. The connection is made through welds, which happen without any electrolytes, resulting in galvanic If the metals are not appropriately situated, they will rust.

Their operational strength and lustrous appearance make them perfect for use in heat engines and circuit breakers that prevent excess current flow. Bimetal Strips come in various designs, including heat engines and miniature circuit breakers.

Among the various industries are gasoline, oil refining, petrochemical, constructions, semiconductors, fertilizer manufacturing, modern architecture, electronics and other electrical products, machining, and plumbing.

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Bimetallic Lugs Specifications

Copper Aluminium Bi Metal Lugs Stockist Bi-Metallic Lugs Supplier
  • Material Aluminium Barrel 99.6%, Copper Palm : 99.95%.
  • Sizes 16 Sqmm to 1000 Sqmm.
  • Final Metal State Fully Annealed, Including Joint.
  • Joining Method Friction Welding, Welding Area more than Nominal Conductor Area.
  • Crimping Test Applied Force Upto 240 mm2 -13 x 105 N,
    300 mm2 to 630 mm2 – 2.0x105 N,
    Above 630 mm2 - 43 x 105 N.

Available Types of Bimetallic Lugs

Compression Cable Lugs

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Two-Hole Bimetallic Lugs

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Bimetallic Lugs Dimensions

Cable mm2 Dimensions Product Code
16 5.5 16 20 10.3 79 43 HBT 16-10
25 6.5 16 20 10.3 79 43 HBT25-10
35 8 16 20 10.3 79 43 HBT 35-10
50 9 20 25 12.8 85 43 HBT 50-12
70 11 20 25 12.8 85 43 HBT 70-12
95 12.5 20 25 12.8 85 43 HBT 95-12
120 13.7 25 30 12.8 108 59 HBT 120-12
150 15.5 25 30 12.8 108 59 HBT 150-12
185 17 32 35 14.5 115 59 HBT 185-14
240 19.5 32 35 14.5 115 59 HBT 240-14
300 23.3 40 36 16.5 137 85 HBT 300-16
400 26 40 36 16.5 153.5 85 HBT 400-16
500* 29.1 47 60x60 4Ø 9 196 95 HBT 500-16
630* 33.5 47 60x60 4Ø 9 196 95 HBT 630 4X9
800* 37.5 53 80x80 4Ø 9 232 100 HBT 800 4X9
1000* 42 60 80x80 4Ø 9 256 126 HBT 1000 4X9
1300* 46.5 65 80x80 4Ø 11 267 136 HBT 1300 4X 11

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