Incoloy 825 Forgings

VIP Ferromet is an esteemed manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of 825 forgings. 825 grade is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with additional materials like molybdenum, copper and titanium. The molybdenum addition improves its resistance to pitting corrosion while copper content bestows resistance to both oxidizing and reducing. The 825 forgings composition leads to excellent resistance to many corrosive environments, most significant stress-corrosion cracking, reducing and oxidizing environments, and to pitting and crevice corrosion. The forging temperature range for 825 forgings is 2150 F or 1600 F. Alloy 825 forgings is used in many applications up to temperature of around 550 degree Celsius. We, at VIP Ferromet ensure the best quality of our products hence our products undergo various tests like chemical and physical test, toughness test, ultrasonic test, Dye penetrant test, and many more. The 825 forgings are used in the manufacturing of equipment used to produce and handle phosphoric acid, equipment used in the sulfuric acid pickling of copper and ferrous alloys, paper and production industry, equipment for handling refinery and coal-washing solutions and sludge, sour gas and oil well parts, flue gas scrubbers, and many more such areas.

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Incoloy 825 Forgings

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The 825 forgings are also extensively used in a variety of high temperatures applications for instance, chemical processing, as pollution-control equipment, nuclear fuel reprocessing pollution-control equipment, oil and gas well piping, pickling equipment, cid production, and other Industrial and commercial applications. The 825 forgings is hot worked between 871 degree Celsius and 1177 degree Celsius. There are various types of forging that are available for example, Impression Die Forging, Cold Forging, hot forging, Open Die Forging, Seamless Rolled Ring Forging and more. At VIP Ferromet we make sure the best services and top-notch quality products to our valued customers. We manufacture products using high-tech machinery and highly efficient techniques thus manufacturer superior standard products. Our team offers the best services to our customers that gets us customer acclamation and rewards in the steel world. As customer satisfaction is our topmost priority, we do not compromise when it comes to providing continuous and best services to our customers.

Specification of Incoloy 825 Forgings

Incoloy 825 Forgings Stockist Incoloy 825 Forgings Supplier
  • Dimensions ASTM,DIN, BS,GB, IS and all International Standards
  • Forged Between 2300/1700ºF (1260/930ºC) and air cooled
  • Severe Reductions Ingot breakdown, Roll forging, Drawing, Blocking and Backward extrusion- 2300ºF (1260ºC).
  • Moderate Reductions Finish forging and upsetting- 2200ºF (1200ºC).
  • Slight Reductions Coining, restriking and end upsetting- 2050ºF (1120º).

Available Types of Incoloy 825 Forgings

Chain Links

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D Shackle

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Bow Shackle

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Rolled Ring

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Incoloy 825 Forgings Equivalent Grades

Incoloy 825 2.4858 N08825 NCF 825 NA 16 ЭП703 NFE30C20DUM NiCr21Mo XH38BT

Chemical Composition of Incoloy 825 Forgings

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr Al Ti
Incoloy 825 0.05 max 1.00 max 0.5 max 0.03 max 1.50 – 3.00 22.00 min 38.00 – 46.00 19.50 – 23.50 0.02 max 0.06 – 1.20

Incoloy 825 Forgings Mechanical Properties

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Incoloy 825 8.14 g/cm3 1400 °C (2550 °F) Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550 Psi – 32,000 , MPa – 220 30 %

Other Types of Incoloy 825 Forgings

Nickel® Alloy 825 Rolled Rings Stockist Incoloy 2.4858 Chains
Incoloy N08825 Bow Shackle Dealer 825 Incoloy Forgings Supplier in India
Incoloy N08825 Clamps 825 Incoloy Sockets
825 Incoloy Ratchets Stockist Nickel 825 Mining Equipment Manufacturer in India
825 Incoloy Closed Die Forgings N08825 Incoloy D Shackle Dealer in India
Incoloy 2.4858 Forged Tools Supplier in India Incoloy N08825 Chain Links
Incoloy 825 Hot Forgings Incoloy 2.4858 High-End Garden Tools

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