Stainless Steel 304 / 304L Pipes

What are Stainless Steel 304 Pipes?
Stainless Steel 304 and 304L are two of the most widely used grades of stainless steel. This type of steel has a low carbon content, making it easier to weld. It also offers better oxidation and corrosion resistance. These properties make it a good choice for many applications. Stainless Steel 304 Pipes are often used in applications where high strength is required.

The low carbon content of 304 and 304L steels limits the formation of harmful carbides in other stainless steel types. This also helps to avoid localized corrosion around the weld. The alloy is also non-magnetic in its annealed state.

Stainless Steel 304L Pipes are suitable for both corrosive and non-corrosive environments. It can be used in marine applications, chemical containers, heat exchangers, and many other applications. This type of steel is also used in nuclear reactor components. It is also a good choice for parts that require machining and welding.

304l Stainless Steel Pipe is the most versatile steel piping product available. They are commonly used in applications that require high temperatures and corrosion resistance, like Stainless Steel 316 Pipes. They are also commonly used for food processing equipment, process instrumentation, and guardrails. In addition, 304 stainless steel is a good choice for piping exposed to high pressures and stresses. It has a minimum yield strength of 205MPa. This strength ensures that a welded tube will hold up under pressure. It is also ideal for posts, handrails, poles, and other similar applications.

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Stainless Steel 304L Pipes

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ASTM 304 Stainless Steel Pipe is also used in construction parts and instruments in the food industry. The 304 and 304L grades are suitable for various applications, including parts for dairy equipment, valve components, and many other applications. The material has good ductility and weldability. It is also a good choice for applications that require a good surface finish. The presence of titanium in the alloy also improves the weldability of 304. The titanium prevents the formation of carbides during service. This ensures that a 304 stainless steel tube will last a long time.

The high-strength, ductility, and weldability of 304 stainless steel make it a popular choice for applications that require exceptional strength and oxidation resistance. The material also has a high resistance to intergranular corrosion, which means it does not rust in a single-granular layer. This makes it an ideal choice for applications such as pipes in chemical tanks and pumps. The material has excellent cold workability and can be welded with all common welding methods. Stainless steel 304 is a popular choice for high-temperature and corrosive applications. It can also be used for applications requiring high acid corrosion resistance.

SS 304 Pipe is commonly used in various applications, including nuclear reactor components and parts that require welding and machining. The 304 and 304L grades have good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. They can tolerate a variety of harmful chemicals.

Stainless Steel 304 Pipe Specifications

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  • Standard ASTM A312, A358 / ASME SA312, SA358
  • Size 1/8” NB to 24” NB, 1/4” OD to 24” OD Sizes.
  • Thickness Range 0.3mm – 50 mm, SCH 5, SCH10, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 80S, SCH 160, SCH XXS, SCH XS
  • LengthSingle Random, Double Random & Required Length
  • TypesSeamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated Pipes

Available Types of SS 304L Pipes

Seamlesss Pipe

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Welded Pipes

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ERW Pipes

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EFW Pipes

Stainless Steel ASTM A358 TP304 EFW Pipes, UNS S30403 EFW Pipe, DIN 1.4301 EFW Pipes, ASME SA312 SS 304L EFW Pipes, SS 304L EFW Pipe Supplier

Square Pipes

Stainless Steel ASTM A554 TP304 Square Pipes, UNS S30403 Square Pipe, DIN 1.4301 Square Pipes, ASME SA312 SS 304L Square Pipes, SS 304L Square Pipe Supplier

Rectangle Pipes

Stainless Steel ASTM A554 TP304 Rectangle Pipes, UNS S30403 Rectangle Pipe, DIN 1.4301 Rectangle Pipes, ASME SA312 SS 304L Rectangle Pipes, SS 304L Rectangle Pipe Supplier

Stainless Steel 304 Pipes Equivalent Grades

SS 304 S30400 1.4301 Z7CN18‐09 X5CrNi18-10 SUS 304 304S31 08Х18Н10
SS 304L S30403 1.4306/1.4307 Z3CN18‐10 X2CrNi18-9 / X2CrNi19-11 SUS 304L 304S11 03Х18Н11

Chemical Composition of SS 304L Pipes

C Mn Si P S Cr Ni N
304 0.07max 2.0max 0.75max 0.045max 0.03max min: 18.0 max: 20.0 min: 8.0 max: 10.5
304L 0.03max 2.0max 0.75max 0.045max 0.03max min: 18.0 max: 20.0 min: 8.0 max: 12.0 0.10 max

Stainless Steel 304 Pipes Mechanical Properties

Grade Tensile Strengtd ksi (min) Yield Strengtd 0.2% ksi (min) Elongation % Hardness (Brinell) MAX Hardness (Rockwell B) MAX
304 75 30 40 201 92
304L 70 25 40 201 92

Other Types of Stainless Steel 304L Pipes

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AISI 304 Schedule 40 Pipe 304L Stainless Steel Round Pipe

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