SMO 254 Forgings

We VIP Ferromet is consistent in offering SMO 254 Forging in supreme quality to clients globally, which has made us a leading manufacturer, supplier, and stockist of a variety of Stainless Steel and other products. We have a variety of configurations, considering the measurements, diameter, surface, and wall thickness, and these forgings are made using cutting edge tools and equipment, and advanced machinery which makes our products more accurate and precise. These SMO 254 Forgings have desirable characteristics such as good dimensional accuracy, excellent surface finishes, durability, flexibility, high tensile strength, anti-corrosive properties, and the ability to withstand heavy loads. Other benefits of these SMO 254 Forgings are, they are Corrosion Resistant, Pitting and Oxidation Resistance, Abrasion Resistance, Stress Corrosion Cracking, and Crevice Corrosion Resistance.

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SMO 254 Forgings

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Our SMO 254 Forgings have herculean tensile strength and can withstand corrosive attack in pulp and bleach mills, while our ASTM SA 403 SMO 254 Forgings provide long-term service in high-pressure industries such as petrochemical and oil. Because it contains very little carbon, our SMO 254 Forgings eliminate the possibility of Carbide precipitation at higher temperatures, in addition to being hydrochloric and sulphuric acid resistant in the offshore industry. We monitor market trends and requirements in order to develop new, sustainable, and cost-effective products that can be customized. We have amassed an extensively recognized, high-quality products manufacturer that is fully certified and long-lasting. Numerous testing is followed on these products, to check whether they meet the industrial needs or not, for this we carry tests which include, PMI Test, Pitting Resistance Test, Flattening Test, Macro and Micro Test, Chemical and Mechanical Testing, etc. Along with the test, we also offer documents like Fumigation certification, Commercial Invoice, Heat Treatment Charts, Guarantee letters, Raw material reports, etc. if demanded by our clients. Third-Party reports and lab test reports are also offered to them. These Forgings are also offered in bulk quantities.

Specification of SMO 254 Forgings

SMO 254 Forgings Stockist SMO 254 Forgings Supplier
  • Dimensions ASTM,DIN, BS,GB, IS and all International Standards
  • Forged Between 2300/1700ºF (1260/930ºC) and air cooled
  • Severe Reductions Ingot breakdown, Roll forging, Drawing, Blocking and Backward extrusion- 2300ºF (1260ºC).
  • Moderate Reductions Finish forging and upsetting- 22540ºF (12540ºC).
  • Slight Reductions Coining, restriking and end upsetting- 2050ºF (1120º).

Available Types of SMO 254 Forgings

Chain Links

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D Shackle

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Bow Shackle

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Rolled Ring

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SMO 254 Forgings Equivalent Grades

SMO 254 1.4547 S31254 2378 Z1 CNDU 20.18.06Az X1CrNiMoCuN20-18-7

Chemical Composition of SMO 254 Forgings

Grade Ni Cr Mo Cu N C Mn Si P S
SMO 254 17.5-18.5 19.5-20.5 6-6.5 0.5-1.0 0.18-0.22 0.02 1.0 0.08 0.03 0.01

SMO 254 Forgings Mechanical Properties

Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
8.0 g/cm3 1320-1390 ℃ 650 300 35 %

Other Types of SMO 254 Forgings

6 Moly Rolled Rings Stockist SMO 1.4547 Chains
SMO S31254 Bow Shackle Dealer 254 SMO Forgings Supplier in India
SMO S31254 Clamps 254 SMO Sockets
254 SMO Ratchets Stockist Nickel 254 Mining Equipment Manufacturer in India
254 SMO Closed Die Forgings S31254 SMO D Shackle Dealer in India
SMO 1.4547 Forged Tools Supplier in India SMO S31254 Chain Links
SMO 254 Hot Forgings SMO 1.4547 High-End Garden Tools

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