Hastelloy C276 Fasteners

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Hastelloy C276 Fasteners

VIP Ferromet participates in the manufacture and sale of high-quality Hastelloy c276 Fasteners. The Hastelloy c276 Fasteners we produce are made by utilizing the best quality raw materials from our large warehouse. VIP Ferromet houses all the machinery and technology needed in their state-of - the-art facilities to produce the high-caliber Hastelloy c276 Fasteners. We make the Hastelloy c276 Fasteners in specific shapes and sizes for use in various industries. We also receive specific orders from our customers and produce Fasteners for the Hastelloy c276 according to their requirements and demands. At VIP Ferromet, we also carry out several quality checks on our items to eliminate all default materials. Some of the tests that our products undergo include Mechanical Testing Such as Tensile of Area, Positive Material Identification – PMI Testing, Inter-granular Corrosion (IGC) Test, Micro, and Macro Test, Flattening Test, Pitting Resistance Test, Flaring Test, etc.

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The Hastelloy C276 Fasteners are constructed from nickel, chromium, and molybdenum alloy with minimal inclusion of other materials such as tungsten, cobalt, and manganese. The Hastelloy C276 Fasteners are wrought-resistant Fasteners that are suitable for high mechanical stress applications and often perform well at high temperatures and positions that need strong surface stability. The Hastelloy C276 Fasteners withstand the development of grain boundary precipitation which holds the corrosion resistivity of these Fasteners intact. Typically contained in solvent cured form, the Hastelloy C276 Fasteners are able to be welded using the commonly used welding techniques. The annealing process of the Hastelloy C276 Fasteners can be done by soaking them at 1121 ° C (2050 ° F) and quickly quenching afterwards. In Hastelloy, the C276 Fasteners are capable of extruding or hot-forming. The Hastelloy C276 Fasteners may be used in "as-welded" state for corrosive applications, and no further heat treatment is needed.

Applications of the Hastelloy C276 Fasteners are utilized in many industries, such as the desulphurization of flue gas machinery production, and are used to improve chemical process machinery. Pulp and paper manufacturing are also two of the applications of the Hastelloy C275 Fasteners. Hastelloy C276 Fasteners are often used to build rack liners, ducts, and dampers for pollution control.

Specification of Hastelloy C276 Fasteners

Hastelloy C276 Fasteners Stockist Hastelloy C276 Fasteners Supplier
  • Standard ASTM B574, ASME SB574
  • Dimensions DIN, ASTM, BS and all International Standards
  • Length 3 mm to 200 mm
  • Size M3 - M56 | 3/6" to 2" | Custom Sizes
  • Types Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, Studs, Screw, etc.

Available Types of Hastelloy C276 Fasteners


ASTM B574 Hastelloy C276 Bolts, Hastelloy N10276 Hex Bolts, Hastelloy Alloy 2.4819 U Bolts, Hastelloy C276 J Bolts, Hastelloy® Alloy C276 Square Head Bolts Stockist, Alloy C276 Heavy Hex Bolts Supplier, ASME SB574 Hastelloy C276 Bolts in Mumbai India.


ASTM B574 Hastelloy C276 Nuts, Hastelloy N10276 Hex Nuts, Hastelloy Alloy 2.4819 Wing Nuts, Alloy C276 Square Nuts, Hastelloy® Alloy C276 Nylock Nuts Stockist, Alloy C276 Weld Nuts Supplier, ASME SB574 Hastelloy Alloy C276 Nuts in Mumbai India.


ASTM B574 Hastelloy C276 Screws, Hastelloy N10276 Hex Screws, Hastelloy 2.4819 Coach Screws, Hastelloy Alloy C276 Machine Screws, Hastelloy® Alloy C276 Socket Cap Screws Stockist, Alloy C276 Self Tapping Screws Supplier, ASME SB574 Hastelloy C276 Screws in Mumbai India.


ASTM B574 Hastelloy C276 Washers, Hastelloy N10276 Plain Washers, Hastelloy Alloy 2.4819 Spring Washers, Alloy C276 Flat Washers, Hastelloy® Alloy C276 Split Washers Stockist, Hastelloy C276 Ogee Washers Supplier, ASME SB574 Hastelloy C276 Washers in Mumbai India.

Hastelloy C276 Fasteners Equivalent Grades

Hastelloy C276 2.4819 N10276 NW 0276 ХН65МВУ NiMo16Cr15W ЭП760

Chemical Composition of Alloy C276 Fasteners

Grade C Mn Si S Co Ni Cr Fe Mo P
C276 0.010 max 1.00 max 0.08 max 0.03 max 2.50 max 50.99 min* 14.50 – 16.50 4.00 – 7.00 15.00 – 17.00 0.04 max

Hastelloy C276 Fasteners Mechanical Properties

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Hastelloy C276 8.89 g/cm3 1370 °C (2500 °F) Psi – 1,15,000 , MPa – 790 Psi – 52,000 , MPa – 355 40 %

Other Types of Hastelloy C276 Fasteners

C276 Hastelloy Dome Nuts Stockist Hastelloy C276 Y Anchors Manufacturer in India
ASME SB574 C276 Hastelloy Stud Bolts Hastelloy Alloy N10276 Crook Anchors Dealer in India
Alloy 2.4819 Wedge Type Anchor Bolts Supplier in India Alloy N10276 Tapper Washers
Hastelloy C276 Coach Screw Stockist Hastelloy Alloy 2.4819 Hexagonal Bolts
Hastelloy N10276 Carriage Bolt Dealer C276 Hastelloy Eye Bolts Supplier in India
Hastelloy® Alloy N10276 Eye Nuts ASTM B574 C276 Hastelloy Alloy Flange Nuts
Hastelloy Alloy C276 Tab Washers ASME SB574 Alloy 2.4819 CSK Head Screws

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